Masters of Blockchain

Create Concept and Community

This step will finish in August 2022. The following activities are part of it: preparation of training materials and concepts (Serbian and English), pilot masterclass and fine-tuning of the concept, set up of Twitter accounts and Discord server, preparation of the first documents, issuing of Ape School Pass, first meetup and many more.

The Begining


After mint till the end of this year, we will concentrate on training about security in the NFT space, Twitter marketing, steps to analyze NFT projects, and many others. We will produce some documents for download like for example checklists, whitepapers, etc. Additionally, we will focus on cooperation.

The Third


On the 6th of September, we had public mint of 1221 NFTs from our collection "Masters of Blockchain". It was a huge success and we were able to sell out within 27 minutes. The mint is over and we will not mint any Master from this collection anymore.

The Second

IRL events

We are planning two big events. The first one will be the educational exhibition "NFT culture". The VIP opening will be on the 27th of September. Some of our NFT holders (20-30) will be invited to join. The opening will be covered by media and joined by national and international business people, The second event is a trip to the web summit in Portugal (1-4.11.2022). We will take 3 of our NFT holders with us, and we will cover the flight, hotel, and ticket costs (or we will pay $1200 as compensation).

The Lasts

Master of Blockchain

Your Benefits

Owning our NFT has huge benefits

Free education

Many specialized trainings just for our NFT holders. From security, currencies, project related topics all the way to marketing and development. That's what you get.

Meetups and Conferences

There is no better way to learn than by talking to people with knowledge and experience. In these special meetups, you will get in touch with those people.


Our documents can save you lots of work and provide all needed knowledge. There are templates, checklists, presentations, reports and much more.

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