Ape School is an educational NFT project focused on the topics around the web3 space using NFTs to identify, reward, and motivate students, project managers, CEOs, and owners of various companies who find their specific business case in this new world.

It is owned and run by an entrepreneur, CEO of the company Fiscal Solutions d.o.o.  and owner of mutant bored apes (MAYC #19442 and #21506) Darko Pavic.

The focus is on the basics and their use in business, enabling participants to recognize and use the chances of the web3 space.

Within Ape School, there are several types of training – masterclasses, workshops, and postgraduate programs.


Our Education

We are creating Masters of Blockchain

There are 3 groups of training are running:

  1. Masterclasses – free training consisting of 7 classes with more that 13 hours. In the end, the participants receive an NFT created by professional artists. As a holder of our NFTs you have the priority during registration. 
  2. Postgraduate Program – it’s a set of huge benefits that include special training, too. Those trainings are accessible and free only to the holders of our NFTs.
  3. Workshops for companies – this group of training is dedicated to companies.

Benefits for our NFT holders

As a holder of our NFTs you are automatically taking part in our Postgraduate Program with huge benefits:

Free training about special and focused topics

Download of documents, checklists, how-tos, templates, presentations, etc.

Private Discord area to support your daily web 3 life

Meetups with people from business and web3 space

Special giveaways

Knowledge should be free for everyone

Our NFTs are free mint and they are opening the new world of web 3 education for you. 

If you recognize and grab the opportunity you can change your life.