IRL Exhibition

Physical copies of the selected NFTs from the collection “Masters of Blockchain” will be on public display from the 24th of September to 29th of September at Ozone Gallery at Dorćol Platz in Belgrade, Serbia.

The main aim of this IRL exhibition is to educate a broader public about PFP NFT collections in general, technology and the process of creation behind it and to help people familiarize with the main elements of NFT culture.  

By introducing this well-known educational tool from traditional world of culture to the NFTs space, we will create unforgettable experience for all visitors.

All holders of the Masters of Blockchain NFTs are cordially invited to a special event of the exhibition VIP opening on the 27th of September at 6 PM to join us networking within the worlds of business, art and Web3. The public opening will take place on the same day from 7:30 PM.