Masters of Blockchain

Masters of Blockchain is a 1221 NFTs collection, published by the Ape School on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each holder can enjoy a huge set of benefits:

  • Knowledge transfer and training
  • Download of documents, templates, etc.
  • Private support area
  • Meetups
  • Giveaways and much more


Our Team Squad

A 100% doxxed team with huge experiences in business, marketing, and art. Combined with passion and knowledge about web3 space we created a truly winning combination. Be part of the community – recognize and grab your opportunities.

Darko Pavic

Project Founder

Ivana Ehrensvärd

Art Director


Masters of Blockchain

Create Concept and Community

February - August 2022: Creation of the teaching concept, needed materials and tools. Running pilot masterclass to validate the concept.

Step One


After mint, we are continuously organizing masterclasses and different specialized trainings about security, projects, marketing, cryptocurrencies, etc. This is the main utility of our project. This is where Masters are made.

Step Three

Minting of collection

Mint of 1221 NFTs was on 9th of September and it was a huge success. The collection was sold our within 27 minutes.

Step Two

IRL events

We are planning two IRL events till the end of this year: an educational NFT exhibition and a visit of the web summit in Portugal. To each of them, we will take some of our holders with us.

Step Four

Masters of Blockchain - sold out

within 27 minutes!

On 4th of October

3 of our NFT holders, 3 Masters of Blockchain, will win an all-inclusive trip to the web summit in Portugal (November 1-4, 2022). Ape School is paying for your flight, hotel, and ticket for the web summit. If you are unfortunately not able to travel you can get $1200 paid out as compensation.

The drawing of the winner will be done in a live event in September.